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Secondary Market Plays: DeFi, Farming, NFTs

Secondary Market Plays: DeFi, Farming, NFTs

Hear about secondary market plays from Minion - previously worked for Huobi Global in listings, research, and investment.

Call Notes:

Minion - Investing and research associate for Genesis Block Ventures

  • Previously worked for Huobi Global in listings, research, and investment

  • Been in crypto since 2017 - explored BTC and ETH mining before delving into research and on-chain analysis

  • Secondary market investor - small caps below 100m circulating and performing analysis and research to locate “alpha’’ 

  • Is also into NFTs and DeFi farming 

What tokens have you been finding? And any trends you’ve seen? 

  • Minion stated his general strategy is looking at newly released projects, whether DeFi or NFT-Fi focused, as long as it is newly released

  • Has bots for Twitter accounts to track and understand what projects they're following 

  • He looks into the projects to see if they are good

  • Looks at the documents, tokenomics, backing, and structure 

  • Discord community engagement - Is it organic? Are the topics interesting? Are they focused on project design or moon boys screaming at every pump?

  • Once Minion decides he wants to invest, he will decide what level of risk he will undertake, and this is how he decides what percentage of his portfolio to use

  • Account for secondary market price when farming and how long the farm may last and adjust your exposure

Any narratives you’re watching and any tokens that fit these narratives?

  • Minion is watching the world cup narrative and the numerous tokens associated with this. Obvious trades = $ALGO $CHZ 

  • $DOGE & $SHIBA and the Bluebird index due to Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover (although the major hype for this has faded)

  • As the year winds down, people are going to be less interested in crypto and will pick it up again in 2023 (February potentially)

Which narratives are you focused on right now?

  • NFT-Fi - derived from DeFi, yield earning NFTs and farming through NFTs 

  • On-chain derivatives 

  • Automated market markets 

  • Lending and borrowing protocols 

  • Oracles 

  • All of this is at a super early stage, but real improvement is taking place. 

  • Long way to go but liquidity in areas such as NFTs is an issue that needs to be tackled first

  • More infrastructure and data analysis services are needed - more projects are drifting towards this instead of just being the same protocol on a different chain

Future of Defi?

  • Since the 2020 DeFi summer, protocols have been trying to solve the issue of bootstrapping liquidity - like through AMMs

  • Sustainability has yet to be figured out, especially during bear markets

  • In the future, it’ll be interesting to see who can fix this issue of sustainability and keep liquidity in the protocol

  • Protocol designs need to improve to handle low and high liquidity situations. 

  • AMMs don’t have the same benefit in use that CeFi market makers have, so there is little merit in using them to trade larger sizes, so this needs to improve

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