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Crypto With Ran Neuner

Crypto With Ran Neuner

Insight from a CNBC crypto trader & the Founder of Crypto Banter

Illuminati Round Table Call Notes:

Introducing Ran Neuner, a CNBC crypto trader & the Founder of Crypto Banter

  • Twitter: @cryptomanran

  • Attempted multiple business ventures and worked as a stockbroker

  • Raised funding and built an online stock broker - grew with the Dotcom bubble during 2001

  • Suffered insolvency from the crash and lost the company 

  • Started a business out of desperation - in-store promotions (sampling for customers in-store like in Costco or cosmetic stores) 

  • Worked out why people buy things and capitalized on that by manipulating people (persuasion and psychology) to purchase products 

  • Sold it for over $100M in 2015-2017 

  • Studied the success of big booming businesses and what they did to succeed and learned about the network effect - more users = better product

  • Ran attended a crypto conference in New York and found crypto is the most exponential technology there is 

  • First bought $BTC in 2014/2015 

  • Saw crypto as networks and saw how more people interacting with the network perpetuates the growth of the whole network 

  • He ran the first-ever CNBC crypto talk show in which he brought on guests and discussed crypto 

  • The CNBC show ended in 2020 during lockdown due to the fact continuing the show would be harder to do 

  • Ran built a 24/7 365 crypto live streaming show called Crypto Banter

Last bear market? (2020)

  • Ran almost lost his love for crypto due to the downward spiral of crypto 

  • Protocols were either dying or failing to pick up 

  • Ran was in profound loss and unsure how to proceed (negative on his initial capital) 

  • He tried creating pandemic protection equipment and databases of thermometer readings to detect the next wave before it happened - didn't succeed with this, sadly 

  • His Friend Winston-Wolf introduced him and taught him about yield farming 

  • With yield farming again, he lost quite a lot but continued while looking for the next thing in crypto 

  • During one of Ran’s Ayahuasca (a psychedelic) retreats, he got the idea to do Crypto Banter and build it up into a profitable business that does 24/7 live streams to educate the public

  • Massive loving community 

Why doesn’t CNBC have a community like crypto banter, and how did you build your community? 

  • CNBC viewers aren’t attaining an in-depth understanding from that platform as the mainstream media only covers such things at a surface level with a lack of more profound knowledge and perspective (with a sort of political bias)

  • No community on CNBC

  • Crypto Banter covers this all, has a huge interactive community, and reports the news from a clearly stated position as opposed to the impartial stance of most mainstream media 

  • Unscripted ‘crypto reality show’ for educating people on crypto

  • The mission of Crypto Banter is to change as many lives as possible by creating the most prosperous community in the world 

With a Paradigm shift coming in crypto, big crypto influencers are facing off against researchers and fundamentalists. Is it essential to rein in the influencers who give out less accurate info?

  • People will judge big influencers in the space differently from normal crypto users - attacking an influencer for promoting an altcoin he bought that eventually died vs. not doing the same to everyone else who did the same 

  • Small mistakes can turn into a massive controversy 

  • Ran has guidelines for running the show to maintain honesty and authenticity, such as members can’t talk about coins on the show within 24 hours of buying and not taking money from community members 

Where is crypto media going in the future? And what are Crypto Banter’s plans for this?

  • Crypto Banter intends to continue following the mission 

  • Solid team to push on with, so Ran wants to keep it going

  • Crypto people love CNBC covering crypto, but the news content is poor, so it needs to improve for mainstream media to be able to catch up 

  • Mainstream media will acquire some press to compensate for this gap inevitably

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