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NFTs, Aptos/Sui, & Venture Capital

NFTs, Aptos/Sui, & Venture Capital

Get inside the minds of 2 VCs and delve into the world of NFTs. Hear what those on the ground have to say about the exciting and developing NFT Finance sector.

Call Notes


  • 7 years in the crypto space, well known for building a centralized exchange in 2020 that gained traction but failed, worked for a DEX in 2021 and recently worked with Luminous Capital

  • Passionate about the combination of DeFi and NFTs

  • An advisor to companies like nftperp and Spice Finance 

  • Quit his job a few weeks ago to build his own company on the Sui blockchain, STARSPACE - an NFT marketplace

Aptos, Sui Overview

  • Besides Aptos, there hasn’t been much activity on airdrops and less minting activity

  • Aptos became the first NFT ecosystem with strong support from the online community right from day one, many people got up to $1,500, easily claimable from the airdrop

  • Ecosystems like Aptos and Sui are taking advantage of the high initial support and turning it into a sort of initial liquidity

  • On the infrastructure, Aptos has made the basic NFT standard as exhibited by the ERC-721 type contract

  • Sui is pushing the NFT space forward compared to what Aptos has already established 

    • Besides a unique approach to NFTs, Sui is still in its early stages and has impressive works

  • Aptos has progressed to the mainnet stage, the flexibility and reliability of these ecosystems that make them different 

  • Sui has kept an eye on the pitfalls of Aptos and is building solutions to prevent them on Sui, such as Aptos’ ambiguity in its tokenomics

What about STARSPACE?

  • In the coming weeks, they are focused on raising after hitting the MVP a few weeks ago and looking to hire people

  • Will be giving users a better view of what protocols like Sui are building and the potential of NFTs

Final Thoughts

  • NFTs are scaling in size. There are evident trends toward bringing in more size, especially with the newer platforms in the beta and testing stage like Blur

  • Ethereum and Solana have a collection model that creates a liquidity pool where bid and ask operation models could be implemented

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